Hi! I'm Michel, a free lance programmer.

Do you need any custom software?
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Below you will find some pictures of some projects that I have worked on, with a brief description of it.

Project Management System (PRMS)

aides a project manager in handling multiple projects assigned to different engineers.

ADS a system that uses distributed wireless networks to connect, play, synchronize, and report advertisements.

Request Material Authorization is a support ticketing system that is used to track an item through all its repair phases

Gym management software for all subscribers and stock management

Server Sync is a tool I wrote that helps in database synchronization between different clients and servers

Websites like Az-tc, greenmind.me, dolphinskaraoke.com, ...

About Me

Michel Matta

MS degree in computer engineering from University of Balamand. Experience in building custom software, whether web or mobile. I also have a small experience in working with robotics and automation, and developing my penetration testing skills. you can also check out my CV .


Feel free to drop me an email any time, whether a question or a project you want to discuss.